Because stickmen are more fun!


Regional share of total tourism contribution to global GDP

Interactive Viz

A viz for the #SWDChallenge project Sept 2018

For this month Cole challenged the community to: How would you makeover this graph?

Everyone using the same visual….



There wasn’t a lot of data underpinning this one and the options for variation seemed initially fairly limited (although I am always surprised at the variations people come up with).

The challenge for me was to visualise the regional proportions per year more easily. I also wanted to visualise the takeaway that APAC (Asia Pacific) had become the largest proportion.

The #Realtableau makeover


But where is the fun in that…….

#stickmanstats looks way more engaging right………?

Comments and thoughts welcome……. post them below



One thought on “Because stickmen are more fun!

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